Issue Name of Book Writer Language Total Pages
2020.03 Management Issues of Life Insurance Companies Yasuo Kofuji English 135

[PDF 1.92MB]
2019.03 What Aspects of the Insurance Industry Will Be Changed by FinTech? Hideki Fujii
Tadao Matsumoto
English 149

[PDF 1.52MB]
2017.10 The Power to Learn from Customers Toshiaki Koyama English 128

[PDF 1.4MB]
2016.12 Social Security of Asia<2> Masanobu Masuda
& Jung-Nim Kim
English 89

[PDF 2.0MB]
2016.03 Social Security of Asia<1> Masanobu Masuda
& Jung-Nim Kim
English 88

[PDF 1.6MB]
2015.03 Life Insurance Marketing:
Consumer Behavior Approach
Tomoki Inoue English 178

[PDF 3.09MB]
2013.10 Aging in Asia Keiichiro Oizumi English 128

[PDF 1.86MB]
2011.09 The failure without management
Truths behind the Seiho Crisis in the Heisei era
Nobuyasu Uemura English 225

[PDF 1.9MB]
1999.04 Theory and Practice of Life Reinsurance Kyoei Life English 111
1997.12 Impairment Study 2 OLICD Center
Kyoei Life
English 158
1997.12 NHAP MON TOAN HOC BAO HIEM NHAN THO OLICD Center Vietnamese 167
1996.05 Revision of Japanese Insurance Business Law in 1995 Satoru Takeuchi English 378
1996.04 Lectures on The Law of Life Insurance Contract Masaaki Nakanishi English 154
1996.04 Impairment Study OLICD Center
Kyoei Life
English 206
1995.09 Dasar-dasar Matematika Asuransi Jiwa OLICD Center Indonesian 151
1995.01 Life Insurance and Law Satoru Takeuchi English 149
1995.01 Issues on Life Insurance Contracts and Policy Conditions Akira Yoshida English 246
1994.01 Matematika Asuransi Jiwa 2 Takashi Futami Indonesian 267
1993.03 Matematika Asuransi Jiwa 1 Takashi Futami Indonesian 245

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